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Join us on April 19, 2018 in Seattle, Washington

Imagine your friends telling you about this AMAZING new restaurant in town. The food is just fantastic, and with every bite you just want to reach back to your plate for more. Now imagine they tell you this with a little warning – be prepared to wait because the staff there just isn’t organized. Or maybe the warning will be something about how the wait staff are rude, or maybe the awesome food is served in a dirty restaurant. Less excited now?

Some people may be willing to risk it for an awesome meal, but why should they? Can’t we go to restaurants that have awesome food, amazing service, and everything runs smoothly? In reality, that is a rare combination in any industry. As photographers, we face the same challenges create amazing photographs, inform and wow clients during all phases of the process, and have everything run seamlessly.
In this workshop, we’re going to share everything we’ve learned – all our successes as well as our failures – in how to be savvy business owners. From the challenges of marketing and obtaining the clients you want, to creating a clear and identifiable brand, from the secrets of blogging and tagging for maximum SEO, to creating a local network of preferred vendors, from creating boutique packages for every client, to managing every single client effectively with smart software … every aspect of running a responsive and efficient business is gone over in detail. This is a hands-on workshop, so bring your laptops and work alongside us knowing you’ll leave with significantly improved business practices.

Why can’t your clients have the best products and the very best experiences while you have things run efficiently and seamlessly? It’s the Holy Grail for any business. Taking this workshop have us help you get you there.

Travel logistics and specific location within the workshop city will be set Six (6) Months prior to the workshop and mailed to participants with a signed contract and paid in full.

Workshop itinerary and day-of logistics will be emailed Three (3) Months prior to the workshop.

Photographs taken during the workshop may be used for portfolio work so long as the tagline “As Taken at the Twig & Olive Photography Workshop” is included with the image.

By purchasing this workshop seat, the Purchaser, as identified on the Bill of Sale, hereby agrees to all terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions. Provisions specific to the event are addressed in a contract signed by the Purchaser and Twig & Olive Photography LLC and the Purchaser is not registered for the workshop until the contract is signed by both parties.

The Purchaser hereby understands and agrees that instruction is on a per-person basis and that each participant, regardless of studio, relation, or affiliation, is required to complete his or her own separate contract and pay his or her own separate fees.

For a period of One (1) Year after the workshop, the Purchaser shall not directly host their own workshops, design shootouts, and/or mentor other photographers or persons interested in photography for the purposes of financial gain.

This workshop seat is nonrefundable and nontransferable to another date or event. The Purchaser may transfer their seat to another person. That person is required to sign a new contract.

April 19, 2018 | Seattle, Washington
Cost: $695 due in full